Photos available at Victoria Gardens in Rosendale, New York - John Fischer Photography - Leaving No Road Unturned

My photos are now available for viewing and for sale at Victoria Gardens, in Rosendale, New York. Feel free to stop in and check them out, even if you're not in the market for a photo.

If you would like to walk away with a photo, you can, or after viewing my display, you can contact me to place an order.  Greeting cards and magnets are also available.

There are over 150 photos in the shop, ranging from 8x12 photo paper prints for $45 to some large canvases for $800, and multiple price options in between those.

Stop by, and tell them John Fischer sent you!

Victoria Gardens is located on the corner of Cottekill Road and Route 213 in Rosendale. 

Address: 1 Cottekill Road, Rosendale, NY 12472

Phone:   (845) 658-9007


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